Collection: Cat tag

Discover the MINI versions of our medals which are ideal for a cat or a small dog.

A personalized tag with engravings can greatly increase the chances of finding your pet if it runs away.

Find a cat tag , whether customizable online or available at a pet store, and make sure you attach it to your pet's harness or collar.

Where to find a cat tag?

You can find engraved cat tags in different places. Here are some options:

Specialized online stores:

Many websites offer a wide selection of personalized cat tags . On, you can choose from different shapes and styles, adding the information necessary for engraving . The medals are handcrafted from high quality resin to withstand the lifestyles of felines .

Pet stores:

Visit a pet store near you. They often offer a variety of customizable medals with engraving included.

Engraving Services:

Some jewelers or engraving services also offer personalized pet tags. Check in your area to find such a service.

How to attach a tag to your cat?

To attach a tag to your pet, follow these steps:

Choose a suitable medal:

The cat tag should not be too heavy or too bulky so as not to limit its movements. On, you will find small medals perfectly suited to cats.

Choose a comfortable harness:

Opt for a harness or collar that is both secure and comfortable. Attach the medal to the ring or buckle provided for this purpose on the harness or collar.

Check the fit:

Check that the collar or harness fits correctly (neither too tight nor too loose) to ensure comfort and safety.

When can you let a kitten go outside?

It is generally recommended to wait until kittens are six months old before letting them go outside. By this age, they have typically gained enough strength, coordination, and maturity to explore their surroundings more safely.

However, each cat is unique and it is essential to take into account their behavior, health and the external environment before making this decision. Consult your veterinarian for personalized advice based on your kitten's situation.

To prevent the kitten from getting lost, you can take an engraved tag so that it is easily identifiable with its first name and your telephone number.

My cat is lost, who should I call?

If your cat is lost, it is important to act quickly. Here are some people and organizations you can contact:

Local animal shelters:

Contact animal shelters and adoption centers in your area. They will be able to inform you if your cat has been found or if it has been brought to their establishment.


Call veterinary clinics in your area. They can be informed if someone has found your cat and taken it to check for a microchip.

Social networks and websites:

Use social media to share photos and information about your lost cat. Also join online groups dedicated to lost and found pets in your area such as Pet Alert.

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