Collection: Horse medal

What personalized horse accessories are available?

We offer a varied range of personalized medals for horses. All of our medals can be engraved with the horse's name, contact information or any other personalized text of your choice.

You can hang these accessories on your horse's bridle, halter or even box. In addition to being trendy, it also allows you to identify your animal during your competitions or equestrian rides.

How can I personalize the accessory for my horse?

Personalizing your horse medal is simple and easy. Complete the form where you can choose the shape of the medal and enter the text to engrave. You can choose between GOLD or SILVER finishes for an original and unique look.

What materials are used to make your personalized horse accessories?

Personalized horse tags are handmade from epoxy resin. Resin is a strong material that withstands outdoor use, ensuring the longevity of your medal.