Who are we ?

Hello ! I'm Morgane, passionate about animals and craft creation. I have always grown up surrounded by cats, dogs, rabbits, birds... They are part of my family.

With Moukik, I wanted to bring together my two passions and create personalized medals for dogs, cats, etc. Each medal is unique and handcrafted, with great attention to details and finishes. I take care to offer original and trendy models, so that each animal can wear a medal in their image.

I am proud to be able to offer unique pet accessories and contribute to the safety of your little ones during outdoor walks.

You can reach me at this address: contact@moukik.fr

See you soon !

Who is Apache

It was important for me to include support for an association in my project, which is why I decided to donate €1 for each medal purchased to the Apache association.

It is an association founded in 2014, which fights for the protection of stray, mistreated or lost animals in the Neufchâteau area (Vosges).

Donations collected can help provide veterinary care, food, etc.